"Inhale it. Feel it. Taste it. Chase the juices down your forearm with your tongue.

That's how I do life. "

LouLou is an accomplished business woman and artist, who works her fingers to the bone on Alexiscentric artwork, as well as her personal woodworking projects.

   heidi "loulou" schmidt, artist

   Alexis Escalante 

I am a writer, an artist of altruism, and “not your average” life coach. I seek to find the ways in which my work relates to the rest of the world, and to unveil the intricate connections of human beings. Truth telling is a service; being unapologetically transparent allows others to see slivers of themselves in me, and in turn they feel a little less alone.

In my writing, I take my readers along as I navigate the beautiful terrain of the universe inside and outside of myself.  The goal is for the reader to taste the salt; I want them to delve inside of themselves and explore virgin spaces, and then welcome others into that newfound territory. My words are unconventional spiritualist meets “around the way girl”. I am not afraid of myself, and I encourage the reader to stare down the big bad wolf in their mirror.

My name, Alexis Monique Escalante, means “defender”,  "counselor", and “one who ascends”; I affirm that my life’s work was assigned on my birth certificate. As an intuitive life coach, my goal is to creatively assist others who are ready to remove the cloak that they never chose for themselves. For more information about my Life Coaching/Life Evolvement services, please visit the Services page.

​I’m a graduate of the University of South Florida, creator of an art project called “Some Me Of Beauty: promoting self-esteem and positive body image in women and girls", earned a few stripes as a political and community organizer, a jagged edge connoisseur, a teacher, a love preacher, a pathfinder, a climber, a team player, and a walking universe in hoop earrings and matte red lipstick.